Things to do before and after starting sports

1. Always warm up and cool down

Every time before starting to exercise, warm up first. Warming up aims to prepare your muscles and limbs “forged” heavy work to avoid injury.

Likewise when you are done. Be sure to cool down and stretch your muscles each time you finish exercising so that the body’s recovery is faster. Cooling is best done immediately as long as your muscles are still hot enough.

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2. Don’t wear sports clothes for too long

Do not linger wear your clothes wet with sweat. Immediately change your clothes and underwear when you have finished exercising.

Clothes that are damp from sweat will be the ideal place for fungus, bacteria, and germs to breed. You also become more susceptible to skin infections and zits.

3. Drink enough water

To replace fluids lost during exercise, don’t forget to drink enough water. During exercise, your heart also works much harder so it requires more oxygen. So, you must immediately fill up the oxygen intake again through drinking water.

4. Eat healthy food

Filling the stomach after exercise is often overlooked, either because it’s busy or because it’s not hungry. In fact, eating after exercise is important to repair and rebuild the muscles that had worked hard.

So, choose a protein-rich diet such as chicken, eggs, oatmeal, fish meat, yogurt, milk, and cheese.

All your sports plans depend on intention. Remember that living a healthy lifestyle such as exercise is a habit, not an instant thing that you will get immediate benefits.

Over time, keep reminding yourself to maintain an active lifestyle and eat healthy foods to achieve your goals.