Pole Dance, a Sexy Sport that Has Many Benefits for Health

You might have imagined pole dance only as a naughty dance performed at night clubs. However, pole dance actually includes the type of dance that has many benefits for the body. So said the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA). The benefits of pole dance can even be compared with high intensity strength training (HIIT).

The benefits of pole dance for physical health

1. Overcoming pain or chronic pain

Quoting from Healthline, the harmonization of pole dance movements can help overcome the symptoms of chronic pain.

Pole dance utilizes all body movements that are centered on one point to strengthen the core muscles of the body along with the strength of the upper and lower body. For example, in the headstand position. This position helps strengthen the neck muscles so that over time reduce pain and aches.

Indirectly, pole dancing also keeps the body actively moving to stretch and flex the body’s muscles. It is this effect of continuing to move actively that ultimately helps reduce pain in the body.

The Arthritis Foundation website even recommends pole dance as a useful exercise to relieve the problem of pain or arthritis, as well as hip pain.

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2. Build and tighten muscles

According to the pole dance instructor at NY Pole, Tracy Traskos, this dance move requires you to be able to firmly grasp the pole, climb it, and hold your own body weight so as not to fall. This movement combines strength training, endurance, and body flexibility. One of the benefits of climbing pole movements

Quoted from Medical Daily, the benefits of doing pole dance to build and tighten the same as weight training like weight lifting. Pole dance builds the triceps muscles of the front of the thighs and tightens the arms.

3. Increase body flexibility

Pole dance requires that you move flexibly to bend and bend your body to the rhythm of the music. Well, the benefits that can be obtained from routine pole dance practice over time is to make the body become supple.

In addition, the benefits of pole dance movements generally work more to reduce tension in the muscles of the body.

4. Increase self-confidence

Sexy writhing while showing curves during pole dance turns out to increase your confidence, you know!

Some people believe the benefits of pole dance this one has to do with the sexy image you want to build. When practicing pole dance, the upper body and core will form strength. Indirectly this makes you more confident in public, and even in bed.

In addition, like exercise in general, this sport also releases endorphins which make you feel happy. The release of endorphins is one of the benefits of pole dance that you can get.