5 Tips to Successfully Start a Routine Exercise

Many people want to exercise but are confused about how to start. sports coach who is also the Director of Player Performance and Wellness of the lacrosse club FC UNITED and Team ONE, Taylor Hynes shared his tips. According to him, there are two questions you should be able to answer when you want to start a regular exercise. “Identification, why starting a sport is important to you. The word” why “will strengthen you when in the middle of the road you feel lazy in carrying out the routine,” said Hynes. In addition, you also must have an answer to the question: what does fitness mean to you? Many people describe their targets when asked this question. However, rather than doing that, it’s better to give details about what you understand about fitness so you can write the steps to achieve it.

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According to him, many people feel intimidated to improve their fitness because their “healthy” perception tends to be unrealistic. Understand that fitness is not physical appearance, but behavior. Fitness is not a trend, but a series of choices to make our lives more healthy and balanced. Now, after answering these two questions, you can already implement them in your daily routine. Hynes gives a number of tips so you can successfully run a sports routine.

1. Sport must reflect our goals

The meaning of fitness is different for each person, so we need to exercise specifically as needed. For example, if you pursue cardiovascular health, you must improve skills such as running, walking, climbing, biking, or swimming. In addition, the exercise must involve a long duration with a short chance of rest. However, if you want to shape your body or change your body movements, you might be more apt to choose weight training or strength training. Because, you have to build muscle if you want your body to form. “Strength-based and repetition sports will force the body to build muscle and cause the body to become leaner and athletic,” Hynes said.

2. Eat with a specific purpose

Enough nutrition is needed when we want to have a healthy body. However, we must consume healthy food with a specific intention or purpose. This will make us choose the foods we eat according to our daily needs. However, make sure you meet all the nutrients your body needs. “Eat a variety of foods every day,” he said. Hynes also advocated stopping alcohol consumption and controlling or reducing sugar intake.

3. Take time to exercise

When you have thought about the importance of exercise and consumption of healthy foods, you may still be hampered by the time you want to run a regular exercise. However, when you are committed, you should spend your time exercising. “If you feel you don’t have time to start, it’s because you’re not trying to take your time and think exercise isn’t a priority,” Hynes said. It’s important to set a schedule for the first two or three weeks so that our brain starts to understand it as a priority for life. You also have to understand that fitness will not be achieved overnight, but in the long run.

4. Make preparations to stay safe

Instead of thinking too much about how to take the time to go to exercise, you better do it right away. Although enthusiasm and motivation are key components to starting a fitness routine, it’s also important to make sure we exercise safely. “If you plan to start exercising at a fitness center or running, make sure to use appropriate and safe footwear for the body,” Hynes said. When exercising, we also need to prepare. Warm up first about 15 minutes and don’t forget to cool down after exercising with a few movements to ease muscle tension.

5. Always remember the starting point

When you have done an exercise routine, there may be days when you feel less lazy. When the momentum comes, remember what made you start the exercise routine. “Always return to the” why “questions you answered earlier. That is why it is important to answer these two questions. Because answers that are too weak will make you have to reach your goals harder,” he said.